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HIKA Txakolina is a newly-founded winery, built on a passion and enthusiasm for creating an exclusive, modern and elegant txakolí, made to be enjoyed in good company.


All the work, from vine to bottle, revolves around reaching the highest standards of quality in order to offer unique and exciting experiences to customers and consumers, in the company of HIKA Txakolina. Caring for this stunning estate’s vines is fundamental, because the vines are a true reflection of the land that produces them.  

Without a doubt, the authenticity of the Basque Country and the D.O. Getariako Txakolina can be tasted in the wine itself.

  • 7 ha of vineyards with trellised vines.
  • 1 ha of garden.
  • 1000m2 of winery.
  • 500m2 of terrace.
  • 600m2 of diverse zones (zone of degustation and tasting).

The vineyard is managed in an environmentally friendly way without herbicides and based on field operations. The grapes are harvested manually in 15-20 kg crates to best preserve their quality.


The winery is equipped with the latest technology that helps to obtain the highest quality txakoli.



The system of work OresteO relies on the technology to recover and to manage the CO2 generated during the alcoholic fermentation. 

Bucher Inertys


Inert atmosphere press system. This method avoids the oxidation of the grape must, from the start of the pressing until the racking to the container. This allows maintaining the properties, which translates into a more fruity taste wine, more bodied and less acidity.